Blandy House

Innovation at Blandy House

Modern dentistry at Blandy House seeks to combine the finest materials and handcraft from our highly trained clinicians and technicians with the latest innovations in digital design and manufacturing technology to produce bespoke restorations that are as individual as our patients are. All our work is subject to a rigorous quality control process and we have the same uncompromising standards in all our dental procedures as we do in our local British partner laboratories.

Our fully computerised treatment rooms equipped with advanced digital diagnostic equipment, allow us to spot any issues early to avoid the need for treatment in the first place. The preservation and longevity of your natural teeth is always the main aim of our biomimetic dentistry.

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Masters of our craft

Our ethos is to provide exceptional dentistry that is considered, minimally invasive, practical and durable. Blandy House adopts an understated aesthetic that enables us to create subtle restorations that, not only return the tooth its original strength, function and appearance, but are long lasting.

This functional approach to dentistry, our use of dental techniques, materials and our manufacturing process creates the natural properties of the teeth as closely as possible to improve the aesthetics, longevity and comfort of all our restorations.

We encourage regular check-ups to allow us to quickly identify and treat any ailments of the teeth and gums at the earliest opportunity. At Blandy House, there is no such thing as routine dentistry, we believe every appointment is important in our patient’s journey to dental wellness and this is the foundation of our dental care.

Community, accreditation& partners

Not only does Blandy House have a long history of providing exceptional dental services to the Henley community for many generations, but we do our best to use local British dental manufacturing through our local British partner laboratories.

We are also proud to work with some of the best international names in the business including our accredited partners:

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