About This Treatment

There are a variety of reasons why teeth can be discoloured including staining from any highly coloured foods such as tea, coffee, tobacco, spices and red wine. This can lead to dull, yellowish teeth which can be aging. Our dental hygiene team can provide a professional cleaning service to remove any external discolouration from the teeth caused by plaque or staining to provide a brighter appearance and this is always a good place to start if you are concerned about tooth discolouration. Our hygienist will also provide with you a homecare regimen to prevent future staining. 


Peroxide Bleaching Gel

If tooth discolouration is the result of a deeper issue of the tooth structure, medication or genetics and professional cleaning does not attain the desired result, tooth whitening may be achieved with a peroxide bleaching gel. This is a safe, minimally invasive solution that changes the optical properties of the tooth as the gel degrades and interacts with the pigment molecules within the tooth.

Home Teeth Whitening

This involves patients placing the bleaching gel percentage prescribed to them into custom made trays within the comfort of their own home and wearing these for a set period of time as directed by their clinician to avoid tooth sensitivity and to maximise results. Patients usually achieve their desired level of whitening within 3-4 weeks of consistent use. The advantage of this method is you have the control over the end result.   

It is important to note that tooth whitening can only be carried out on healthy teeth and requires a full dental check-up before it can be prescribed. If there are any areas of decay or periodontitis, these must be treated first.

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