About This Treatment

Veneers can be used to enhance the beauty of your natural smile and align teeth without taking as long as orthodontic treatment. They are a permeant solution for a variety of complaints about the appearance and shape of teeth including: 

~ The discolouration of teeth from lifestyle choices, trauma, fluorosis or medication

~ To close teeth with visible gaps

~ To even out chipped or worn teeth or restorations 

~ To correct misaligned and broken teeth 

~ To lengthen short teeth

Shell Creation

The process works by cementing laboratory made custom ceramic or porcelain shells to the tooth with the intention to improve the overall smile. At Blandy House we only use the most robust ceramic materials for veneers to ensure they last 20 years or more. 

Treatment Process

The first step is to prepare the teeth by removing a minimal amount of the enamel from the tooth surface and biting edge to create space for the veneer. After this, impressions are taken to send to the laboratory and temporary veneers placed. Once the custom-made veneers are returned from the laboratory, they are ready to be permanently fitted. The teeth are cleaned and polished and the new veneers are securely attached using a special light. The teeth are then cleaned and tidied up for the perfect finish.

At Blandy House, we use the most robust materials available for our veneers, but it is still essential to follow a good oral hygiene routine daily consisting of brushing twice a day, having regular dental and hygiene reviews and importantly, to avoid smoking. 

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