Broken Tooth

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About This Condition

Your teeth are coated in a hard enamel that protects the underlying dentine and pulp structures that contain the nerves and blood vessels.

When this enamel is broken the structure of the tooth is compromised. The extent of the broken tooth can range from a minute crack to whole areas of broken tooth surfaces that bleed and expose the nerves.

Teeth can break for many reasons including: trauma to the face, large fillings that have eroded or been dislodged, or a tooth that has become brittle from extensive restorations such as root canals or large fillings which break with pressure whilst eating.

If you have experienced trauma to a front tooth and it has fractured or the whole tooth has come out, it is essential you contact a dentist immediately and preserve the tooth in some milk. 

Treatment for broken teeth largely depends on the severity of the break but can include the following:

~ A filling 

~ Composite bonding

~ Polishing

~ Root canal treatment

~ Extraction 

If you are experiencing a broken tooth, it is essential that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can prevent the problem from getting worse and determine the best course of treatment. 

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