Discoloured Teeth

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About This Condition

Beautiful white teeth are perceived as synonymous with good health and attractiveness but not all of us are born with white teeth.

There are a myriad of reasons why staining of the teeth occurs including several external factors such as smoking, consuming acidic fruit juices that wear the enamel away, poor dental hygiene leading to a build-up of yellowish plaque and colour pigments from consuming certain foods such as coffee, tea, red wine and turmeric.     

Internal factors can cause the structures inside the tooth to become darker and show through the enamel. Tooth wear over the years causes your enamel to become thinner exposing the underlying darker dentine. Other causes include overexposure of fluoride and fluorosis, root treated teeth, untreated traumatised teeth, antibiotic treatments and certain enamel conditions.

Maintaining good oral hygiene habits of daily brushing and flossing along with making certain lifestyle choices can go a long way to prevent tooth discolouration. If this does not solve the problem, our dental hygienists can help remove extrinsic stains and our dentists can prescribe whitening treatments to brighten your smile. 

For more complex internal discolorations treatment can range from cosmetic bonding to veneers.

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