Crowded Teeth

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About This Condition

Adult and baby teeth can emerge misaligned or become crooked over time.

Often crowded teeth can be due to the amount of space available in your mouth. If baby teeth grew in a crowded position it is very likely that their adult teeth will follow the same pattern.

Crowding of teeth can be due to a variety of factors including: sucking on digits or on a dummy as a child, having a narrow jaw size, losing baby teeth too early, having a large tooth size or extra teeth and trauma to the face that causes the teeth to shift out of place.  

Misaligned teeth can cause a host of both dental and aesthetic problems such as: periodontal disease from being unable to clean the teeth sufficiently, tooth decay from traps created by the crowding which leads to plaque build-up in these difficult to clean spaces, speech problems, digestion problems if food is unable to be chewed properly, tooth wear if crowded teeth do not bite together correctly and a crooked smile visually.

The best treatment to align the teeth is orthodontics. Treatment options can include wearing removable or fixed braces for certain length of time to improve the overall function, health and appearance of your smile. 

Please see our orthodontic page for more information. 

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